Post Presale announcement

Dear Friends,

We are sad to announce our Presale has failed and therefore we will not pursue the ICO that was schedule for January, as agreed with FundYourselfNow, token buyers will be refunded barring fees.

However, this does not mean the end of the road for CycloShield Nano. Unlike many other token sales, our product is a hardware product and it is ready to hit the market but we have not raised the funds we need for that yet. Whether it will integrate CycloShieldCoin or not remains uncertain, the community have not shown enough interest on the coin and thus we will focus our efforts on the gadget first.

Given this situation, we believe we should try a more conventional approach to raise the funds and it will happen soon.

We appreciate everyone that has helped with their hard work and although we stated there would not be any token distribution in this case, we have decided to give 10% to bounty hunters, team members and various partners. This is twice as much what we promised as a token of gratitude.

We hope to share better news this coming year so subscribe to our social media and newsletter.

All the best,
CycloShield LTD