Features provided by CycloShieldCoin

The TokenICO Characteristics

The ICO will take place on the date to be announced on our web site. It will be carried out by an intermediary that will hold funds in escrow, this way we will be only allowed to obtain the funds if the ICO reaches the minimum of 1000ETH.

This is the bare minimum necessary to fund this new version of CycloShield Nano and to implement the use of the token as explained, there will be a hard cap of 50000ETH.

The ICO will last until reaching this hard cap or exhausting the time limit, whatever happens first. If the minimum goal is not reached on completion on the ICO period, collected funds will be returned to ICO participants bar the cost of the transactions themselves (gas and/or fees).

The crowdsale will be carried out by a trusted platform yet to be announced.

If the minimum goal is not reached upon completion of the ICO period, collected funds will be returned to ICO participants bar the cost of the transactions themselves (gas and/or fees)

Intended Revenue UseICO Characteristics

Out of the totality of collected funds, CycloShield LTD will use them in the following fashion, naturally there could be changes during the course of the project as the business world is a dynamic environment and we would have to make new strategic decisions.

The distribution will be the same irrespective of what amount is collected on the ICO, always subject to having met the minimum of 1000ETH.

Token allocationICO Characteristics

1x10^9 tokens (1 billion) will be created on completing the ICO. These will be distributed as the graph.

The Reward Pool will play an important part in our vision, being used partly for marketing purposes such as rewarding users for their actions.

The tokens in our possession will be safely stored in a multi-sig wallet and with the majority of them in cold storage, keeping them safe from theft that could cause panic selloffs or a hacker getting hold of them and dumping the market at once.

We also commit to not sell them in any harmful way to its market value.

Value propositionToken buyers

Investors in this token will also find that there is a commercial incentive for partners and advertisers in buying CYS. Advertisement is a huge market, targeting the right customers is not only hard, it is expensive. By providing a platform used by cyclists, companies will find it easy to tap into this customer base. However, there is more. They will obtain a better value for money when they pay in CYS to place ads on our app and website.

We believe this will be enough incentive for buying CYS, we will also provide them with guidance of where and how to buy them.

  • The app will show highly targeted non-invasive ads, advertisers will be able to feature their ads by paying using CYS.
  • We will work towards making commercial agreements with other brands so that CYS can obtain discounts and other perks when paying with the token.
  • We will do everything in our power to get this token listed on the main exchanges.

Value propositionFinal users

First and foremost, the end users, who are the core of our business, will use CYS as a payment system. Our platform both offers data collection that can be rewarded with our token and in-app buys such as premium routes, road information, accident blackspots, etc. The system collects real time information about roads with the worst behaved drivers (those that violate the safety perimeter of the cyclists) and every accident detected by our system. By having this information, our users can decide to avoid particularly dangerous roads. The CycloShield Nano itself could also be bought on our store paying in CYS, this gives users the chance of buying them with the work they do for the community by creating valuable content. So to recap this section:

  • pay per premium routes created by users of the app (enabling mutual benefit among final users à la p2p)
  • Pay for the CycloShield Nano device itself on our online store without having to use fiat currencies

Meet our amazing team

Francisco Martin
Francisco Martin

Lead Software Engineer

Javier Fabrega
Javier Fabrega

Head of Design

Tanausu Tejera
Tanausu Tejera

Financial Director

Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez

Product Manager
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Download our Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper to know in depth how CycloShieldCoin and CycloShield can help cyclists to improve their experience on the road.

CycloShield The history behind the gadget

CycloShield is a electronic system for passive safety, which helps commuters and sports people to have a safer experience on the road. Equipped with a set of sensors that allows detection of accidents and falls, CycloShield is able to detect the approach or threat of another vehicle and perform actions about it.

Check our video promo that we made for Kickstarter.

In the event of an accident it can contact your “In Case of Emergency” person and the local emergency service with your GPS location. In an emergency, there is no time to lose. If you find yourself involved in a collision and are unable to make a call, CycloShield reacts by immediately notifying emergency services's and sending your location. Those valuable seconds can save your life.

This emergency call system vastly reduces the emergency services response time, enabling an almost immediate response to incidents on the road. CycloShield can capture infractions by filming offenders and store it for analysis purposes. With its camera, CycloShield can record offenders, it has great image quality, nice stabilization, and you can download the video of any incident via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or onto your computer later. Don’t worry, you got them!

CycloShield collects data and learns using machine learning, notifying you of dangerous roads and can make suggestions regarding safer times and roads to cycle, is also focused on monitoring your sport activity, recording training sessions and improvements of your performance. You can view the data on your phone or download to your computer via the integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Everything you need in order to use your smart phone to check your progress and use the data in any way you wish. Keeps track of your time, location, distance, elevation, and speed. It is a Swiss army knife of an app and is highly recommended to those who bike and more.

CycloShield is compatible with the majority of activity monitors and mobile applications on the market. The device uses a simple interface and is capable of exporting data in industry standard formats allowing users to read the data and even develop their own apps.

We want to create a community of users who have all the tools they need within reach, without limits. And to do so, we need your help.