1. Is this a finished product?
  2. Check our youtube channel CycloShield and our github https://github.com/cycloshield. Also follow our main site https://www.cycloshield.com, We have a series of working prototypes and the code is the second implementation of the system. This is closer to a finished product than the vast majorities of ICOs out there.

  3. The crowdsale wills tart on Jan 8, right, what date will it end?
  4. 30 days later, Wednesday, 7 February 2018

  5. Did a private sale besides pre-sale occur?
  6. No, this is the fairest approach, we have been contacted by a few big investors but although they might get a better deal, we also require them to accept a lockup imposed by FYN. This is to avoid price crashes as they would hold a large chunk of tokens

    But so far private sales have not happened

  7. Is this a first come, first serve or is there a min/max cap per contributor?
  8. First come first serve, once the 200 million tokens (20% of max possible supply) are gone, are gone

  9. Is ETH the only currency accepted? if not, what else?
  10. Only ETH, that’s what FYN can accept at the moment

  11. What is the Pre-sale and ICO per token prices?
  12. 0.00000666 ETH per 1 CYS is the price during Presale, this is a 50% bonus so an effective 33.3% discount for the early buyers, ICO will be 0.00001 ETH per CYS

  13. What date will the tokens be distributed?
  14. As soon as the ICO finishes, There’s a lockup but only for big investors if they want a private sale

  15. Are there confirmed exchanges that will list CYS?
  16. Not yet, we need to raise enough money during the pre-sale for this project to have enough funds to put the device on the market.
    If pre-sale goes well, we’ll try to get exchanges on board asap, regardless of how much we raise during the ICO

  17. Any estimated dates the exchanges will list CYS?
  18. We’ll try to get decentralised exchanges on board first, EtherDelta and OasisDEX are the most likely ones

  19. How long are the 10% team tokens locked?
  20. 1 year, but those tokens are not for team members, they belong to CycloShield LTD as a company
    and therefore they can’t be used without directors or ultimately, shareholders decision

  21. Are there banned countries from participating?
  22. China and Singapore but you should do the due diligence regarding your jurisdiction. The fact that the platform lets you participate doesn’t imply it’s legal in your country.

  23. Are the tokens considered a security by the SEC?
  24. We are a British company, this token should be considered a utility token as that is its purpose but it’s not up to us to know what the SEC will think.
    We see no basis for it to be classified as a security though

  25. Are left-over tokens burned?
  26. Tokens not sold won’t be in our hands but in FYN’s and will be burnt and gone forever